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An Affiliate Marketer's Guide to OfferVault

Written by Kunal Chhibber and published in the Affiliate Programs category 25 March, 2013 - 16:50:17

These days an affiliate marketer needs to work efficiently and in a smart manner. One of the most important elements involved is choosing a strong affiliate network that would enable you generate huge revenues. The one stop solution for this is OfferVault. I am sure you must be quite familiar with this name.

With so many affiliate networks already existing, it is a crucial decision to choose the correct one. The obvious technique would be to select a network that would ensure you maximum payments with minimum efforts.

What is OfferVault?

Offer Vault consists of over 13,000 affiliate and CPA offers to choose from. It is actually a search engine that scopes 40 networks to provide you with that many affiliates offers.

Factors include –

  • Payout
  • Category
  • Network
  • Last updated date

These categories will be listed for each search term that you enter, with all the relevant information on the offers made by each merchant. This way you not only find all the available and best possible offers but also can easily compare them with all the other that exist from the pool of networks.

OfferVault earns by directing traffic to the listed affiliate networks. In a way it refers people based on fixed commissions that the referral programs offer. This becomes quite an enticing deal for all the parties including the affiliate, advertisers, networks and of course OfferVault itself.

Once you get associated with OfferVault, and as you start selling the products from one of their merchants, a certain amount of commission will be paid to you. You do not even need to get into the details of the end customer who is going to purchase the product. All you need to know and do is lead that customer to the merchant. The process to be followed is extremely simple and easy to understand.

Who all can benefit from OfferVault

Newbies and Experienced Affiliate Marketers

Whether you are a rookie who is still learning basics or a skilled Internet marketer, OfferVault is useful for you.

Looking for affiliate tools?

Tools such as keyword research and demographics can cut down the confusion and allows finding products and networks, which are hot in market.

Affiliates looking to compare offers

Finding the most useful offer is not only an extremely easy task with OfferVault; you can also compare the offers and commissions on the same product/s promoted by different marketers that too in just few clicks. Also, OfferVault is free, which makes it a favorite amongst the affiliate community


If you are offering a product or service online and are clueless about where to list it, OfferVault comes up as a solution to you. With their special section for "featured" offers, you get an additional exposure for your products and get acquainted to better affiliates.


An advertiser can also contact OfferVault to promote their ads. With 86,000 plus visitors in a month, OfferVault surely means than you will be having lots of eyes on your product/s.

Why Offer Vault?

Let us now have a look at the advantages of OfferVault that makes it a favorite for its users.

  1. You find a range of all affiliate networks that you could think of, varying from CPA, CPS, CPC,   lead generating and many more.
  2. Discover the highest payouts available – Shop and Compare!
  3. By signing up with OfferVault you can search for selected offers from some specific countries.
  4. Research niches and previews landing pages.
  5. Saves you a lot of time as you can find everything at one place.
  6. Quick and easy Sign-up for new affiliates
  7. The site is extremely user-friendly and you could process the entire selection of your product with ease.
  8. Receive email alerts for new offers based on criteria of past selections: All offers are updated daily and you can set up optional email alerts for new offers based on certain criteria that you set.
  9. Live search ticker on the top which displays “Live Searches” function showing what other affiliate networks are seeking at OfferVault.
  10. Live webinars every week are presented on OfferVault which are very essential as they aim to deliver a lot of valuable information on some very useful areas which include – CPA & Affiliate Marketing; SEO techniques including Web 2.0, Pay Per Click and List Building; Niche Selection and Keyword Research, then product or service creation, conversion optimization and testing; and landing page design.
  11. Save hours logging and searching into multiple networks by quickly sign up for upcoming networks and the existing more established networks as well.

OfferVault Stats

  • 520,000 page views per month which averages to 6.11 pages per visitor
  • 4500 Offers Searched Per Day
  • 86,000 Site Visitors Per Month
  • 50,000 Absolute Unique Visitors Per Month
  • 60,000 Registered Affiliate Publishers
  • Average Time spent on Site 7-9 Minutes

Types of Offers on OfferVault

OfferVault definitely stands among the best affiliate networks that are present. Now I will walk you through the types of offers that are available on OfferVault which makes it is a favorite of its users.

OfferVault Types of Offers

Mobile Offers

Affiliate marketers make plenteous money through commissions each day. With the help of Mobile affiliate marketing, affiliates easily get potential customers through their mobile devices. The marketers can even develop free iPhone & smartphone applications, which depict users to the merchant’s offers. Also they can get mobile websites with advertisements, which promote the merchant’s products and services.

To start your mobile affiliate campaign you’ll be required to have three important things - Mobile Traffic, A Mobile Offer and Mobile Tool (Tracking, Testing).


Also known as Cost-per-Call, it is a compensation method and performance-based advertising model. It is just like Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising. The only difference is that in pay-per-call merchant makes the payment to the service provider per Call and not for the click.

Call converts ten times better than clicks and all the top publishers earns more than $75000 a month for marketing pay-per-call campaigns, says Robert Duva, co-founder of RingRevenue, a leading company providing call marketing solutions.

Cost Per Click

The terms cost-per-click (CPC) and pay-per-click (PPC) are many times used in an interchangeable manner. But there is a little difference; PPC refers to payment based on click-through, while in CPC payments are based on impressions, not clicks.

Let’s take an example, of a campaign where payment is based on impressions and not on click.

Impressions are sold for $10 CPM with a click-through rate (CTR) of 2 percent.

1000 impressions x 2% CTR = 20 click-through

$10 CPM / 20 click-through = $.50 per click

Email/Zip Submits

It is a one stop landing page. In this page you have to submit your email address or the zip code, doing which you will be offered a free gadget or gift card. These are CPA offers that will let the owner earn some commission, but the visitors who are looking forward to earn the free gift should be in line with all the stringent rules. They promoters will be paid somewhere around $.75 to $5 per email or zip submits.

There are few good Email/Zip Submit websites on Offer Vault such as Get Offers Direct, Offermobi, MX Media, Affiliate Network and Revenue Street.

New & Featured

These are two different pages which you will find on OfferVault. They are extremely useful as the ‘New pages’ include all the fresh offers added in OfferVault website, whereas the ‘Featured page’ includes those offers that are chosen by OfferVault itself.

How does it work?

Basic Search

A CPA network gives a platform for the advertisers and online marketers to connect and can be very selective on who they accept. They prefer a representative who has substantial lists.

OfferVault is one of the most popular and in demand CPA network among users. The biggest problem most new marketers encounter when they try to get into CPA marketing lies in not knowing the 3 most essential steps they have to take:

  • Choosing the right CPA network
  • Using the right keywords
  • Getting past the “no traffic” hurdle

OfferVault is kind of an assembling service which will pull out offers from several affiliate or CPA networks. Also to perform your search for the most decent offer, you are not required to login every affiliate program separately which actually saves you a lot of time.

Now, let’s have a quick look at how you can identify the most profitable niches based on what top affiliates like Amazon or eBay exhibit.

Search Box is another important feature of the basic search in OfferVault.

OfferVault Search Box

You just need to type in the name of the product you are finding in the ‘search box’. 

OfferVault Search Box

You will see that there are numerous networks that will be catering to merchants in the same product category. However, difficult it may seem to select the best one, there are certain factors which will help you decide the best one for you. One of the most important is the “Payout” column, which will enable you in deciding which payout is worthwhile while surfing through the potential niches.

A keyword with a minimum of $10.00 payout per lead / sale is recommended for a decent offer.

Basic search tips!

  • A CPA network mentioned on OfferVault might pay pay you more money per than others, therefore it is most essential to compare which offer gives you the maximum profit.
  • You also need to be sure that the keyword you are putting is yielding you the most appropriate and relevant result. Especially in case of niche product category, you have to be very precise so that the results are refined and well captured by the search engine.
  • Do not miss to go through any special instructions given along with the offer. It may have clauses like they are available only for specific countries or can be used only for email campaigns; hence you need to be aware of that before jumping in. The special instruction is displayed on the offer description once you click on offer name field.

OfferVault Basic Search

  • Keep in mind that if a page looks more professional it has fairer chances of high conversion rate. So make sure you go through each detail while having a look at the offer page.

OfferVault Full Landing Page Preview

Keyword Usage

The keywords that you use in the basic search have to be smartly selected as the relevancy of the entire search will depend on the keyword. Also you need to determine that what is the demand for that particular brand you will be promoting, are people even going to come?

OfferVault Keywords Sample

This tool is not only ensuring you massive results but also giving you a comparative analysis to choose the best depending on essential factors such as the Competition, CPC and Total number of results.

Even in the exact match criteria you might be flooded with over 5000 searches also because of the competition prevailing with the other networks to pull traffic from you. However, exact search might be difficult to get you can try to get alternative keywords which has nominal search volume and lesser competition. You can also filter your search by trying more generic terms such as 365 Day Loan guide.

Keeping long tail keywords is also going to be useful in basic search. For example, for searching a product 365 Day Loan, the keywords that you can try are - 365 Day Loan benefits, 365 Day Loan process, 365 Day Loan instructions, etc. This is because these keywords are more convenient to rank.

OfferVault Keywords

Though keyword tool provided by OfferVault is good enough for keyword research but If you want to get more quality and high-end results, you can also use Google Adwords Keyword Tool which provides you with many more features like searching for keywords in 'exact' and giving you local search volumes and better keyword suggestions.

Advanced Search

The advanced search option of OfferVault is something which can help you to further refine your search for the best CPA offer that you intend to promote.

Offervault Advanced Search

Keyword in title

It happens many times that you might not find the most relevant offer to promote using the search button. The other possibility is that there might be offers which are simply irrelevant but are still showing in the result page. OfferVault’s keyword in title function in the advanced search enables you to search for the CPA offers which have the exact keyword that you are seeking in the title.

If there is any affiliate network having the same product you want to promote, the results will be displayed. Else, there will be no results in the search engine.

Keyword in description

The keyword in description feature allows you to refine your search and display those results which have the offer you would like to promote in the description of the offer.

In the landing page preview, you would be able to see the description of the offer.

Network search

If you know about a network or have worked with an affiliate or CPA network before, you can simply use this feature to select multiple networks. The best thing about this feature is that only the results from those networks will be displayed in the results.

Since there are thousands of offers on these networks, it is not easy to distinguish the best network and offers. Therefore, an advanced search using the network search can help you to ultimately land up on the best product to promote and get associated with the maximum income generating merchant. At present there are 122 networks in OfferVault and more are being added continuously.

Category Search

If you have a specific interest in a certain category like sports or fashion and you would like to promote a product from that particular segment, OfferVault will provide you with a range of best offers by categorically segregating the offers so that you can choose the one that’s most relevant for you.

A category search also facilitates offers from certain niche websites with immense ease, which is generally a difficult area to maneuver.

At present OfferVault has 37 categories from where you can choose your desired offers.

Allowed traffic search

Another very interesting and useful feature of OfferVault is the ‘allowed traffic search’. If you are planning to identify offers which allow traffic from a specific or multiple sources, this feature is the best solution for you.

There are many merchants which do not allow visitors from certain sources considering they might harm the website.

For example, Facebook or Twitter traffic is generally not encouraged as they are either believed to be a source of spam or considered to have least chances of converting into sales.

Therefore, by using this option will help you to see which products or services you can promote by attracting the best lot of traffic.

Countries search

Many CPA offers do not allow traffic from certain countries because of restrictions as well as feasibility of the traffic. So, you should always check if the traffic from the country you are promoting is going to be accepted by that merchant or not.

The countries search of OfferVault will help you determine the offers from specific countries and ultimately lead to better conversions.

Payout type

Most of the CPA networks pay you either on lead, sale or on cost per click. Using payout type feature, you can refine your search to get the offers you want to promote according to the payout type you are more comfortable with.

Payout range search

If you are looking to promote a product which is paying you more than the others you have chosen, you can select the same one again in future through this option. You can specify a minimum and maximum payout you are looking per lead you generate and the offers which match the criteria will be displayed so that you keep encashing from your highest yielding merchant. Therefore, using the advanced search feature is going to take your income levels too high with little smart work involved.

Overall, the advanced search feature is something which can really help you save time and you can find the best offers to promote using this feature.

Comparison of Offer Vault with Other Affiliate Networks

OfferVault Other Affiliate Networks
Contains a huge list of products and affiliate networks promoting them at one place. Affiliates can promote products by individually going to each network and searching for products.
Commission payouts are less restrictive and are based on actions that the end user takes (especially lead generation). Commission payouts are usually once or twice a month, and are based on sales.
Frequently offers all publishers high-end bonuses and rewards Occasionally offers promotions or product bonuses
Free sign up with hundreds of other networks to sign up on a single page which can be based on different criteria such as niche, category or CPC May or may not be free to sign-up and needs to clear screening to be an affiliate in some cases
Various networks available which even provides the landing page or Ads directly to post on your website. Need to create landing page and review site to sell products.



Offervault is a free resource that is available to all affiliates. If you own a website, you can start marketing products and earn money. Even if you don't have a website you can still reap the benefits from the affiliate program, but you should have an opt-in marketing list with you.

With more than 15,000 affiliates and weekly webinars to its users, OfferVault remains one of the hottest money making source in the internet marketing world. Affiliates and publishers highly rely on OfferVault and the various CPA offers which are regularly updated. The CEO of OfferVault, Mark Roth is working each day with the aim of making its members more satisfied and engaged.

This guide will enable you to provide every detail on the OfferVault, making you friendlier with the website and its terms. As I said earlier making money through affiliate marketing is more of being smart than putting tremendous efforts.

With OfferVault, you have a world open of new offers that you can discover and compare each day, find the best ones and save time in the simplest and easiest way. 

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